Second 1-1 tie intensifies third meeting between Gulls and Fishermen Oct. 23WARRENTON - Can they be more even on the field? Apparently not. The Astoria and Seaside boys soccer teams produced another 1-1 tie Monday night at the Warrenton Soccer Complex. It was the second 1-1 tie in two meetings this year.

And until someone steps up and scores one more goal than the other, the Fishermen and the Gulls (both 4-0-2) will end up flipping a coin or playing paper, scissors, rock to decide who goes to the District 1 playoffs as the No. 1 seed.

One thing's for sure - if the two teams tie in their third meeting Oct. 23, the tie in the standings will not be decided on the field.

That is just as well, because they can't seem to decide who's actually better on the field right now.

Seaside coach Jon Broderick calls it, "blue-collar, toe-to-toe, public school soccer."

In Round 2 between the Fishermen and the Gulls, both teams scored on penalty kicks for the only goals.

Astoria's Philip Gaffney (12) fights off Seaside players, from left, Justin Krieger (13), Max Broderick (9) and Steven Balzer (2) at Monday's match at the Warrenton Soccer Complex.

KIM ERSKINE - The Daily AstorianSeaside's Ben Dueber converted a PK in the 31st minute, and Philip Gaffney of Astoria put one away 11 minutes into the second half.

The Fishermen had a 6-to-4 shots on goal advantage in the first half, the Gulls had a 5-2 advantage in the second.

"I thought it was a great, hard-fought game," said Astoria coach Jerry Boisvert. "It always is. Seaside tackled hard, they play with a lot of desire, and I thought we did very well. I told the kids it was going to be physical, and told them to keep their mouths shut and let the refs call the game."

They did. And with shouts of disapproval from fans on both sides, they apparently did a good job.

In addition to the two fouls in the penalty box, three yellow cards were issued in the second half - one on the Astoria bench, and one each on Seaside's Rick Stella and Perry Broderick.

After Dueber scored on a PK to give the Gulls a 1-0 halftime lead, coach Broderick said, "We told the boys at halftime to expect a penalty kick situation (in the second half). We were not surprised."

Both teams had opportunities in the final 40 minutes. Seaside's Nathan Pogue had two solid shots in the first seven minutes that narrowly missed, then delivered a perfect pass to Dueber down the middle in the 62nd minute, but Dueber's shot sailed over the cross bar from 20 yards out.

Astoria had just two shots on goal in the second half, but their second came within inches of going in as an attempt from Jose Cruz deflected off the right post.

"The quality of the shots was phenomenal," Boisvert said. "I would have liked to have seen us control the ball a little more in the middle. But when everybody's going at the ball so hard, there's very little time or space."

Defensively, "Reese Kauppi is doing a phenomenal job at stopper," he said. "He's a sophomore, and I'm really thrilled with his effort. All the way through the middle - Ryan (Law) played a good game, Henry (Brause, the Astoria keeper) was solid ... he made one acrobatic stop where he had to run a long way and change his direction, but he got under it; he misplayed one ball on a cross at the end, but that was it."

On the other side of the field, "our defenders did a good job," coach Broderick said. "We were so young on defense at the beginning of the year, and we gave up goals that we should never have given up against Wilsonville and Catlin Gabel. There's so much more maturity there now, I'd love to have those games back. Of course, those games were just training for this."

The two teams will go at again Oct. 23, in a decisive third game.

"It was a good result," Broderick said of Monday's tie. "And I'm sure the guys on Astoria feel the same way. How else should it be? Best of three, we're tied, and you have to win the next game. It's going to be great."

Astoria hosts Rainier Thursday (6:30 p.m.), while the Gulls play at Scappoose.


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