Vladimir Putin gave Donald Trump a nice present when he released Kremlin-hacked internal Democratic National Committee emails, apparently biased against Bernie Sanders, just at the beginning of the Democratic convention. The result was exactly as intended — disruption and discord among the Democratic delegates at the convention, ending in the resignation of the DNC chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

During The Donald’s next speech he thanked Mr. Putin profusely for his assistance, asserting that this new information from Russia will turn the tide and help him get elected president of the US. Unfortunately, The Donald’s propensity toward speaking before thinking took over at that point, and he then invited his buddy Putin to hack into U.S. State Department computers and locate some other emails that he thought would help with his campaign.

Forethought is definitely not one of Mr. Trump’s long suits, or he would have realized that inviting a foreign power, particularly a more or less unfriendly one, to hack into our government’s computers is very close to treason. When asked early in the primary campaign about Vladimir P., The Donald said that they “have a close relationship.” After this little “error” of judgment in his speech, in a later interview, he asserted that he had “never met the man.” And, he does this with a straight face.

Would Russia like to see Trump as president of this country? You bet. Vladimir is a product of the Soviet Union, and he yearns to make Russia great again (sound familiar?) in that image, lording the power of his huge country over his small neighbors. Trump would gut NATO, leaving the Baltic states wide open to Russian invasion without any real resistance, just like in Ukraine.

If you would like our country to be a mirror image of Russia, where there is no free press, no freedom of speech, no freedom of assemblage, no right to address grievances against the government, where the working classes live in extreme poverty and those in power become extremely rich, then Donald Trump is your man.

Rod Dawson