Hailey Hoffman


Hailey Hoffman is a visual journalist for The Astorian. Contact her at 971-704-1725 or hhoffman@dailyastorian.com


Seamen's Memorial and Highwater Boat Parade were held Saturday

The Wildlife Center of the North Coast cares for a river otter pup. 

Astoria High School Class of 2021 discuss the end to their high school experience while living through the coronavirus pandemic.

After a year spent mostly online or socially distanced, the Astoria High School Class of 2021 celebrated graduation with a senior sunset on We…

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Local businesses and restaurants have faced a relentless sea of changing virus restrictions, having to shift from in-person dining to takeout …

Caregiving can take many forms: a nurse or doctor, but also everyday people who help children, the homeless and hungry and the elderly.


Doctors, nurses, chaplains, housekeepers and other Columbia Memorial Hospital staff received vaccines on Wednesday to prevent COVID-19. Public…

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