William Matlock


BLM doesn't give one cr*p about black people. Name 1 thing they have done for black people. waiting... Don't hear them saying anything about the 35 shot, 5 fatally in Chicago this last weekend. And that had nothing to do with the riots. Thats a normal weekend. What is BLM doing about that…


sO StuPiD! I laugh at all the little sheep running around with masks on. LIVE IN FEAR!! lol


@julie english Stop being a sheep. baaa


@Miller Sands There is always something out there that is going to kill you. 2 people die EVERY HOUR in the United States from skin cancer. So nobody can leave their house until no deaths from skin cancer! Their are 38,000 deaths from auto related accidents a year in the United States. No…


So does this mean the elderly and locals will have to walk through the crowds to check their mail or to go to the Market?


Bunch of dictators destroying the economy and peoples livelihoods over the flu. So hilarious to see all the sheep running around with masks on! 4 Million people in Oregon, 3,500 supposed cases of coronavirus, 140 supposed deaths. And you lockdown 3,996,500 other people and destroy the sta…


OPEN! Just open! Don't wait for dictator brown to say it's okay. A judge just struck her orders down. It's horrible what she has done to small businesses. Hopefully people will learn from this and make a better choice on who they vote for. I wish you the best!


4,000,000 people in Oregon

3,500 supposed cases of covid-19

137 supposed deaths

That's a tiny number, and most had comorbidities.

That is not a reason to ruin an economy, destroy peoples livelihoods, violate peoples Constitutional rights, and lock down Millions of …


Stop living you life in Fear! And if you chose to do that, don't expect everybody else to join you.


First of all I would like to Welcome these folks who are standing up for their Constitutional rights that many men and women died for .

It's pathetic how easily people give those rights up to the government. The government works for us!

If Jimmy Griffin wants to live in fear t…

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